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Design your smile

Dr Patrick C. Curiel holds a Master in Biological and Medical Sciences and a Master of Art in Orthodontics from Columbia University , New York (USA);

Dr Bruno Curiel holds a Master in Biological and Medical Sciences (France) as well as a Master in Orthodontics from the International Program at tel Aviv University (Israel). Together, they decided to combine the best of both knowledge to find the ultimate technique of treatment for the patient.

They created  the ‘’Curiel Methodology’’:
A combination of the latest and most advanced techniques existing in Orthodontics, with an uncommon understanding of the patient problem, and a different vision of the final result. Thanks to this methodology, results obtained are optimal and patients benefit from faster, painless and customized treatment.
Dr Patrick C Curiel
Dr. Patrick C. Curiel
Dr Bruno Curiel
Dr. Bruno Curiel
Later, Dr Laure Jamot and Dr Elizabeth Azoulay who hold the french orthodontics specialist Degree (CESCMO) respectively from Lille University (France) and Marseille University (France) meet with Dr Curiel.

As both Dr Curiel were very impressed by their personnal skills and their great attention toward the patient, they understood they were sharing the same vision of excellence and mission.

Trained to the Curiel’s Methodology and after two years of practicing, they nicely contributed to improve quality of care and services to our patient, they naturally became partner at Curiel orthodontics to complete and form ‘’the unmatched team’’.

Each Treatment planning is then controlled by at least 2 doctors, certified to the Curiel’s Methodology. This multi doctor approach means you get the best of the best during all your treatment.